Moto Diary #4: Getting (even further) out of town

Saturday I hatched another plan for a long ride.

I scoped out a small lake to the North East of Toronto called Lake Skugog just by Port Perry. I've never been there.

Without using the highway (which I can't use yet with an M1) it was 1 hour and 45 minutes there. So it'd be a pretty hefty round trip.

I was out the door at 5:40am, got some gas, and off I went.

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Moto Diary #3: Gridlock

Today was my first "ride to a place I actually need to be". 

After completing the sale of the bike I went to the government office to get a temporary plate. The reason it's temporary is that you need to get a safety certificate from a mechanic first, however you can't yet ride the damn thing.

So you get a 10 day sticker on your plate, enough time for me get some practice, and then make the trek over to a mechanic. After 2 days of practice, I had a day off, so I went for it.

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Moto Diary #2: Getting out of town

My first ride was pretty rough. Four drops, a closed parking lot, and some low speed loops around condos.

I knew that learning to ride was going to oscillate me between lacking confidence completely, and being overconfident. They say that the 2nd and 3rd years are particularly accident prone due to overconfidence. Not there yet, but something to be aware of. 

I needed a confidence booster, and I needed to get back out the next day. So I started looking at a map.

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Moto Diary #1: First Ride

1) With my M1 I cannot ride at night, or on highways. Specifically, I can ride half an hour *before* sunrise, and half an hour *after* sunset. That's my window. Given it's the middle of summer, that gives me a huge window of 5am to 9pm. 

Given that traffic is terrible in my area, 5am was the goal. Any other time of day would be too intidimating. 

2) I wanted to avoid normal roads so I could get to a large parking lot to practice and get a feel for the bike. Problem is I live way downtown, and am basically surrounded by busy roads and almost no large parking lots.

One great exception is the Ontario Place parking lot, which from some forum research seems to be a great practice spot. 

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