Wayne Sang
Design and Product



Wayne Sang is a Design Leader, Product Manager, and Game Designer.

Since 2005 he’s worked in digital consulting and product companies to ship products and build happy teams.

Send me a message at me@waynesang.com

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What I do

The Swiss Army Role

Product Management

I describe my approach as being focused on problem validation and early research. I also focus on fundamentals rather than specific frameworks. I consider this to be a minimalist approach.

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Just enough help. Keep it natural.

Design Leadership

As a lead I prioritize creating psychologically safe spaces and relationships. This is an active practice to me that takes real work to develop.

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It's about doing it right, not quickly. We all pretend it's about speed though.

Agile Teams

Whether you’re looking to shift to agile, or want to improve your practice, I can help. I focus on the core idea of Agile being about healthier communication. My goal is a healthy, sustainable, and predictable (within reason) process.

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Some companies I’ve worked for