Wayne Sang
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Product Management


Product Management

Product Management is a field littered with frameworks. New ones appear, old ones evolve, and some are discarded. I’ll research and test promising frameworks and tools, but I'm not dogmatic about it.

Those things change, but some aspects stay the same. Those are worth noting here.

My fundamental process:

  • What’s the problem or opportunity? What tells us it’s real?
  • Can we validate our assumptions or mitigate the risk involved?
  • What changes if we succeed? What shows us we failed?
  • How can we solve this?
  • How can we test our potential solution?
  • Ship, listen, analyze, and test.

For everything beyond, I stay malleable and keep an open mind. I'm also an advocate for slower processes, out of respect for users and ethical product development. I'm not in the business of shipping broken products.

How I may help

  • Your product is pre-market and needs validation and/or better understanding of it's target market.
  • You suspect you're spinning your wheels trying to get your product to market. You find it difficult to determine what needs to be in at launch.
  • You've launched your product and need to determine and validate your next steps. Measure your impact, create a pipeline for feedback, and processes for continually prioritizing within your organization.