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Moto Diary #4: Getting (even further) out of town


My second weekend with the bike!

I had actually had a short ride during the week when I took the bike to work. But it was really short, and really slow, being that I live in the downtown core and work is a 15-20 minute walk away. I actually got to work without going above 1st, it was that kind of slow.

But anyways, Saturday I hatched another plan for a long ride.

I scoped out a small lake to the North East of Toronto called Lake Skugog just by Port Perry. I've never been there.

Without using the highway (which I can't use yet with an M1) it was 1 hour and 45 minutes there. So it'd be a pretty hefty round trip.

I was out the door at 5:40am, got some gas, and off I went.

I relied less on the GPS this time. Partially because after about 10 minutes the damn screen turns off and I have no way of turning it back on while on the go. So I just sort of alternated going North and East, with a rough memory of major roads I had read on the map. I figured this was good anyways, in the past 5 years I think I've gotten too reliant on GPS.



It was a really solid ride up in farmland. I started passing more motorcyclists as I went, and I noticed they were doing "the wave". I'd read about it, and seen it once or twice before, but I hadn't actually waved back yet. Too nervous at first, not to mention usually taken by surprise. But it was a long ride and eventually I was on the ball enough to try waving back.

1st attempt: Tried to go high and my hand hit the wind guard on my handlebar. Wave failed. 2nd attempt: Started to stick hand out, but was late, and pulled it back in cuz they were long gone. 3rd attempt: Success! People wave low, about 45 degrees down. Perhaps it's just less precarious as a high wave, I don't know. But I did it!

That was when I was doing about 60km/h. I tried at 80km/h and the wind pushed my hand back so suddenly I almost swerved.

Ok, maybe I'll just nod when I'm going faster. Or be more prepared for the wind.

Anyways, I found Lake Skucog and the tiny spot on the map I was trying to reach. However that last 500m or so was downhill a gravel trail to a boat launch. I chickened out.

I know my bike could do it, but I couldn't yet.

In hindsight I could have just walked down and scouted it out, but I wasn't thinking clearly.

I took some photos, turned around, and headed back.

The still nameless bike. The first of many scenic shots somewhere in the world.

The still nameless bike. The first of many scenic shots somewhere in the world.

All in all a pretty great ride. I was back in my door at 10:45am, spending about 5 hours out.

Oh, I did drop the bike once on the way back. Stationary right turn, road was quite uneven, and I failed to notice how uneven it was until it was too late.

Drop count: 6

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