Wayne Sang
Design and Product


Rest in peace, Steve



I just have to write something down tonight.

I was stunned when I found out that Steve Jobs had passed away today.  I expected it in a factual sense, but I never really imagined it was going to happen.  

People have compared him to Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, and while some may think that's ridiculous I think time will tell that it's a completely apt comparison.  You look at the great inventors in history and their laundry list of accomplishments; they just seem insurmountable.  But you know what?  Steve Jobs has a history like that.  Look at all he did at Apple.  Then consider he also co-founded Pixar.  I mean, come on.  That's incredible.

I think it's difficult to see that perspective when we've lived through his greatest accomplishments; his accomplishments have been blended into our daily lives.  But honestly, step back and look at what this man accomplished.  It's staggering.  He changed the world.

But aside from the larger scale accomplishments, just look at the outpouring online and see his effect not just on industries but individuals.  Look at all the inspirational quotes popping up.  Put aside the petty arguments about individual products.  

Steve advocated doing what you love and shaking off those who would tell you otherwise.  He was passionate about details, passionate about the democratization of technology in making them accessible to all, and just a flat out brilliant mind.  

I didn't think I'd be choked up over this, but I am.  

Rest in peace, Steve.

Wayne Sang